Thanks to a treasured friendship with Logan Landry, Kevin Schulz’s understanding of Nova Scotia is only getting deeper and richer with every swell.   |  Photos: Scotty Sherin Check out the orginal post on Surfline here. 

Californian-based photographer Trevor Pikhart took off to Ireland in search of perfect waves and new adventure with surfers Noah Wegrich, Dane Anderson, Wilem Banks and Logan Landry. Words by Andy Summons || Photos by Trevor Pikhart Check out the orginal post on Paper Sea here. 

Noah Wegrich, Dane Anderson, Wilem Banks and Logan Landry journey to Ireland to film for ‘Perilous Sea’ Check out the original post on Surfline Tripwire here.

Perilous Sea is a surf movie about the perils of surfing the North Atlantic that has been years in the making. It was a self-fulfilling prophecy naming a movie that really, the sea must fight back and show its true colors. After multiple trips on all sides of the wild Atlantic the core crew of Noah Wegrich, Noah Cohen, Heidar Logi, Logan Landry, Wilhem Banks, and Dane Anderson have struck

Rip Curl’s Surfing is Everything campaign is a good one. Because, when you’re have a day like the one above, there’s nothing else in the world. While Ryan Meichtry and Mike Bromley were in Iceland filming for their newest film, Perilous Sea, they ended up shooting this for Rip Click here to view original web page at

Surfing Is Everything – Iceland from Mike Bromley on Vimeo.